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You are a real fan of Mercury Your dream can now come true! We are looking forward to meet you in our shop! Marine engine technology has evolved. Mercury Marine continues to expand its outboard and marine engine technology. In , Mercury introduced the VesselView Mobile app for iOS and Android, and an updated joystick and skyhook feature to its portfolio of technologies.

It appears you are using Internet Explorer, an unsupported web browser. I have a new G3 V20c with a Yamaha 40hp that is getting up to 16mph but only getting RPMs compared to the recommended 4 to 5 thousand range. The dealer mechanic came out and said it was a dog and changed props from a 12 pitch to an 11 which made no difference in RPMs. He is going to special order a 9 pitch with some special turbo boost. What a blast blowing the speed boats by.

I have not pulled anyone yet, but can you pull more than one tube at the same time?

Confidence without compromise.

This seems slow to me. I expected arount 20 MPH. Did I buy a pig in a poke?

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What can I do to get the MPH up. I have a 20 foot Palm Beach Sport cruise I have a mercury 4 stroke. I have adjusted the prob and I have performance underskinning that I installed, my top speed with GPS the about 28 or 29 miles per hour wot at rpm with 1 person. Would that be extremely underpowered? I want to switch to a 4 stroke for noise, efficiency sake etc….

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  • I just bought a Sylvan 23 footer, dry weight of and I ordered it with only a Yamaha 40mph. I only intend to putz around the lake, but I am assuming it will at least hit 10mph- am I hilariously under-horsed? I had an old beater pontoon that was given to me with a cabin I bought.

    Died on the first day I took it out. I recently had the baby painted and bought a brand new hp Suzuki 4 stroke.

    Man the boat is a beast now. I can get 26mph at rpm. New gauges and errrr thing. Love it. We have a 22 foot suncatcher with a Yamaha 70 4 stroke and we have hit 21 or 19 with a load. Plenty fast. It cruises very comfortably over 18 MPH — on the water. I know this is an old thread, but thank you to the author.

    Great article, I have a 20ft tritoon with an older johnson v4 hp.


    Johnson Tracker 60 HP

    We have a 24 ft Bennington, model, It is a tritoon, the 3rd toon is a full toon, not a half toon… She has a HP Yamaha motor. On GPS, with 2 people and half tank of gas, we have seen 44mph…. This boat, with 5 people on it adults , can pull a lb kid on a tube at 38mph…. This boat had the RPT toons and maxes out at 33 mph at rpm with a full tank of gas and 3 people. To add more top speed, you could probably go up an inch on your propeller pitch. We are hitting about 27 mph with 4 on board and some coolers.

    We did tube for the 1st time with 6 people 2 large coolers and gear.


    We had it up to 22mph for the bulk of the tubing. I have a 26 ft Bennington tritoon and I can hit 38 mph with four people on with a Mercury four stroke and I am reving — rpm. Just wondering if that is average. Very helpful article! Any thoughts, concerns, etc.? Pontoon Princecraft 22 ft whit a 75 mercury efi 4 stroke.. Thank you! I have a Cypress Cay 22ft Cabana with a Mercury HP four stroke with my Dad and I I can hit 25 MPH he weights and I weigh so for sake of argument lbs it runs great but should I get a bit faster the boat itself ways lbs not counting gas.

    I have a party Kraft 22 ft with a Yamaha 2 stroke 90 I can hit 25 mph with 2 people. How about a 24 ft Bentley pontoon only going 16 mph..

    Should it be faster. It acts like if you go over rpm it slows down.. Wot is rpm. Looking to purchase a tri-toon with performance in mind. Most are priced with hp which I do not think will be enough. Put the motor on a pontoon boat and hooked cups to it, started it and after running a few seconds alarm comes on, not a constant ring but a real fast beep beep.

    It is pumping water through exhaust and through the pisser at a good stream. While on the Monark it did have a pressure gage on the console that I did not transfer, and originally it was the oil injected but that was eliminated years ago.

    Any suggestions? Reply With Quote. Re: Johnson Tracker 60 HP water on fully? Re: Johnson Tracker 60 HP now that you mention it, water was not on full blast, control box is the same, brown wire you speak of, where will it be located? Re: Johnson Tracker 60 HP OK, turned water on fully, made sure the cups were tight, started it up, ran it for 5 minutes, alarm did not come on.

    Johnson 175 v6

    Switched it to off left in off position for 15 seconds turned back on, restarted, ran for appx 1 minute switched to off, immediately switched back on and alarm started, switched back off, left off for appx 15 seconds and switched back on and no alarm. Repeated both steps several times and got same results. I guess I need to stay with the do not switch back on immediately after shutting down. Re: Johnson Tracker 60 HP not bad, Possibly some of the later V4 engines and others may also incorporate a fuel vacuum switch that would enable a fuel restriction warning to sound as mentioned below, an unknown factor to myself.

    NOTE - If the warning horn is the black plastic overpriced three wire type horn, the warning horn should beep once when the ignition key is turned to the ON position. If it does not, it is either faulty or someone has disconnected it a stupid move!